Frit Industries, Inc. produces micronutrients for the fertilizer industry. Granular, single element, and homogeneous, multi-element formulations are available for use as nutritional ingredients to meet a wide variety of crop needs. Applications of the right product, at the right rate, time, and place help producers achieve optimal yields while protecting our environment.

Standard Products:

F-156 G

36% Magnesium

FB-48 G

15% Boron

F-212 G

12% Copper

F-227 G

40% Iron

F-287 G

28% Manganese

F-305 G

Corn Mix

F-312 G

Corn/Cotton Mix

F-317 G

36% Zinc

F-358 G

Standard Micro Mix

F-413 G

Bean Mix

F-420 G

20% Zinc

F-425 G

25% Zinc

F-503 G

Vegetable/Pasture Mix

F-577 G

50% Iron

F-683 G

Hi-Cal Mix

Turf & Landscape:

F-227 GC

40% Iron Greens Grade

F-287 GC

28% Manganese Greens Grade

F-358 GC

Greens Grade Micro Mix

F-577 G

50% Iron

F-577 GNS

50% Iron Low Stain

F-603 G

Turf Micro Mix